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About The Islamic Society of Gloucester

Assalamu Alaikum Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Islamic Society of Gloucester is a community center and a mosque in the Gloucester area of Ottawa, serving a large and diverse Muslim community. Today, hundreds of people each week make use of Masjid to perform the five daily prayers and the congregational Friday prayer. The mosque also hosts community events, a weekend children’s school, and various classes.

1995 -  for the purpose of bringing the Muslim community together, a place was rented at Meadow Brook, Silver Road, Ottawa for five times prayer, community gatherings, cultural celebrations, kids language classes, and Quran classes for children.


1997 – for the convenience of the community members that sounded in Moved to high rises, 1244 Donald Street,


After two successful years of community activities, and appreciation of the community, we decided to run this organization in the name of The Islamic Society of Gloucester.


With a large number of attendees, that was the time to purchase our property to build a mosque and run the community

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